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Important Notices

  1. In order to fully benefit from updates and new features you must empty the cache of your browser the next time you visit the SLGO portal. The following article describes the procedure for most Web browsers (
  2. When creating a user account in OGSL applications, you agree to automatically receive notifications of application updates. In order to stop receiving these notifications, you must go to your account and uncheck the box "I wish to receive notifications of application updates by email".
  3. Note: The use of Internet Explorer may cause visualization problems related to security measures used by some institutions.

Version 1.0.2 : déployed 2017-06-12

Maine Conditions

  • Added “Data catalogue” module use to classify and let the user add different layer on the map
  • Added “Displayed layers” module use to deactivate the display of selected layers
  • Added “Legend” module the legend of the selected layers
  • Added “Layer data” module showing data of the different selected layer when clicking on the map
  • Added layer specific information module accessible via the “i” icon on the “Data catalogue”, and “Displayed layers” module
  • Added a general time control for all selected layers
  • Added a “Now” selector keeping all layers to the most current observations
  • Added The + and – button to navigate through time a 15 minutes interval
  • Added a background layer selector
  • Added a time card with selectable time zone in the “Control Center”
  • Added the user option to open directly in “Control Center”
  • Removed the left menu giving a full page width to the map
  • Removed the breadcrumb navigation
  • Implemented responsive interface design to support mobile device
  • Changed the selection of parameter by a drop down item in the upper left corner of time series graphics

Version 1.0.1 : deployed 2017-01-19

Biodiversity and Marine Conditions

  • Full screen use of the map control.
  • Information and legend panel shown as overlays on top of the map control.
  • Information and legend panel display based on user activity.
  • Fix: 2017-01-25 - Water level forecasts and predicions display in the station time serie page.

Version 1.0.0 : deployed 2016-12-16

Marine Conditions

  • Optimisation of position (latitutde, longitude) display of stations.
  • For a given station in “Time series” mode, when a selection is made for the Period filter, an (*) is added next to the icon.


  • It is now possible to choose the calculation used per cell to represent the data on the map (sum, average, maximum).
  • It is also possible to display presence/absence or the total number of presences per cell.
  • The legend scale adjusts for each of these display types.
  • Optimization of the data display (faster).
  • When a selection is made for the Period filter, an (*) is added next to the icon.
  • Selection of Period is maintained even if other filters are added or removed.

Biodiversity and Marine Conditions

  • It is now possible, using a drop-down menu, to select the parameters (columns) to be displayed in the table.
  • The graphic mode displays one parameter at a time that can be changed using a drop-down menu.