5. Metadata

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5.2 Publication and Metadata Search

Several initiatives allow data producers to create and publish their own metadata records and also to search available directories. Below are a few examples:

Canadian Geospatial Data Infrastructure (CGDI) – Discovery Portal 1
The GeoConnections Discovery Portal is a metadata catalogue that enables users, developers and data suppliers to find, assess, access, visualize and publish Canadian geospatial and geoscience data products and Web services.

Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE) 2
The INSPIRE metadata editor is a user friendly interface available in 22 languages. A user guide 3 is provided explaining how to enter and register metadata records.

Polar Data Catalog (PDC) 4
The Polar Data Catalogue includes data and metadata generated by researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic in compliance with international standards. The public search tool provides access to various themes including social, health and environmental sciences.

BlueNet Metadata Entry and Search Tool (MEST) 5
The Australian Marine Science Data Network metadata entry and search tool supports archiving and accessing scientific research data.

Open Archives Initiative – (OAI) 6

The OAI develops and promotes interoperability standards in support of efficient Web content dissemination and numerical resources accessibility especially by education networks (eScholarship, eLearning, eScience).

GeoNetwork OpenSource 7
GeoNetwork OpenSource is a type of catalogue application, downloadable and open source. It is available in various languages, it can search and generate metadata and it also offers a user manual.

GeoDoc 8
The GeoDoc metadata editor helps create, import and export metadata according to various standards.

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