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Appendix 1

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Appendix 1. Data Management Plan Elements – Check-list

PROJECT TITLE: _________________ PROJECT NO.: _______________

Data description Data description (nature, scope and volume). Record file names and storage locations in this column.    
Existing data Review of existing data relevant to the project, their usefulness, how they can be integrated.      
Roles & responsibilities Identification of project participants, their roles & accountability, their tasks throughout the data life cycle.      
Format Data formats when generated, archived, distributed with emphasis on their relevance to ensure sustainable use and archival of data.      
Data organization Data file management, file naming procedures, version control, etc.      
Metadata Metadata description, identification of standard to be used.      
Quality Data quality control/assurance procedures throughout the project.      
Archiving & preservation Archiving methods, backups, resources and spaces used (physical & virtual). Long-term conservation procedures.      
Security Data protection procedures including sensitive and confidential data, description of data access controls restrictions, privileges and methods.      
Intellectual property Identification of intellectual property (IP) owner(s) (individual or organization), IP protection methods, when necessary.      
Audience Description of data users.      
Access & sharing Description of data sharing methods, access mechanisms, procedures and conditions (open or restricted), estimated date of data publication.      
Ethics & privacy If necessary, ethics and privacy protection procedures.      
Budget Costs of managing all data life cycle phases, funding sources, funding requests.      
Regulatory issues Funding agencies' requirements.