The St. Lawrence Global Observatory makes it possible to maximize the benefits of data collecting by integrating multidisciplinary data from multiple partners on a single web portal, thus promoting data discovery and re-use. SLGO counts 46 members and is recognized throughout the world. SLGO's collaborative approach contributes to reducing duplicated efforts and collective costs of data dissemination by creating synergy between data producers and by fostering sharing of means and expertise.By being a key component of the information infrastructure, SLGO promotes data valorization which contributes to addressing societal issues and translating into socio-economic benefits.

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Nouveau président à l’OGSL (Only french)

L’OGSL annonce la nomination de Monsieur Alain Arseneault à titre de président de son conseil…

SLGO receives 1.4M$ to launch CIOOS (Only french)

L’Observatoire global du Saint-Laurent (OGSL), reconnu pour son expertise, a été retenu…

Five Comités ZIP contribute to the... [French only]

Cinq Comités ZIP enrichissent le Catalogue de données ouvertes de l’Observatoire global…