Atlas of Bank Restoration Sites of the St. Lawrence River - Sites Distribution

Distribution of sites in the study area
Fluvial Estuary40
Middle Estuary75
Maritime Estuary30
Upper North Coast9
Middle North Coast13
Lower North Coast3
Magdalen Islands71
Tributaries (River)9
Tributaries (Estuary)15
Distribution of sites by theme
Improving access to flooded plains for fishes (installation of culverts, reshaping of banks, removal of sediments within some watercourses…)41
Dismantling of embankments77
Stabilization of eroding banks36
Recuperation of diked spartina marshes8
Setting up sills on drainage canals drying out spartina marshes33
Creation of openings within emergent freshwater marshes too densely colonized5
Restoration of existing man-made ponds for waterfowl10
Eelgrass plantation9
Planting in rip-rap shores41
Planting in disturbed dunes64
Planting of trees and shrubs in anthropic green spaces (parks, rest areas, cycle paths…)97
Planting of trees and shrubs in agricultural lands (windbreaks, plantation along dikes)42
Controlling of invasive plant species in wetlands1