Protected Areas - Results

The initiative has resulted in the documentation of 320 sites where appropriate conservation actions are in effect, over an area of 19° 206,5 hectares. Of these sites, 133 covering 11° 104,6 ha are listed in the Quebec protected areas registry. The results have helped improve the delineation of around 50 of these 133 sites and identify 187 unlisted sites (8° 101,9 ha). Furthermore, the initiative has allowed for the documentation of sites that are not protected by laws; it helped to better understand their conservation actions.

Protection TypeNumber of SitesArea (ha.)
CM / PA by Q. C.C. / L.C. C.C.2369° 825,0
CM / PA by MDDELCC laws735° 809,3
CM / PA by EC laws103° 547,1
CM / PA by MFFP laws125,1
TOTAL32019° 206,5