Visualization Tools

You will find on this webpage the visualization tools developed by SLGO. They are presented in alphabetical order. Please click on the image to access the application and the data.

Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program

This program is designed to detect, track and predict changes in the state and productivity of the marine environment.


The presence, abundance and distribution of living species found in the in the River, Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence.


An integrated access to multidisciplinary data on the St. Lawrence global system and Canadian waters.

Data Explorer

Use the map to search  geographically for data, across supported datasets. Filter, aggregate, and download just the data that meets your criteria. Data Explorer downloads are in a standardized (.csv) format.


Constitutes a citizen science tool facilitating the capture of capelin spawning observations.

Environmental Data Management System

Extend perennity and security to all types of environmental scientific data collections.

Environmental References

Application for displaying data from several data sources.

Freshwater Runoffs

Fresh water flow from the St. Lawrence river to the height of Quebec City.

Ice Coverage

Visualize ice coverage and evolution of the number of freezing degree days (FDD) in the estuary and gulf.

Marine Conditions

This Web application allows the visualization and access to multiple physico-chemical data

Mingan Atlas of Currents

This Atlas show the intensity and direction of the surface currents in the Mingan Archipelago.


Real-time data to navigate the River and Gulf of the St. Lawrence, including currents and tides.

Ocean Soundscape Atlas

Visualization of underwater acoustic maps in the Estuary and Gulf of Saint-Lawrence.


Web application that allows the visualization of different type of layers that contain geospatial data.

Satellite Remote Sensing

Weather satellite data and making it possible to present a complete coverage of the three oceans surrounding Canada.

Species Identification Guide

Application providing access to information about various species inhabiting the St. Lawrence ecosystem.

St. Lawrence Species Explorer (french only)

L’application de visualisation dynamique de la liste des espèces marines recensées dans le Saint-Laurent.

Toxic Algae Alexandrium catenella Monitoring

Presents the results of the bloom risk prediction model for the toxic alga Alexandrium catenella.

Viking Buoys

Near-real time access to the detection of right whales by the hydrophones.