Biodiversity - Context

The “Biodiversity” Web application developed by SLGO provides information on the presence, abundance and distribution of living species found in the in the River, Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The users can find information on several hundred species living in St. Lawrence. The interactive mapping application allows visualizing data from various research surveys and monitoring programs. These official data come from SLGO’s member and partner organizations.

The “Biodiversity” application was developed through the joint work of SLGO and a panel of experts from the members of its Scientific Advisory Committee. Members of that panel were consulted before and during the application development exercise to make sure to consider the common needs of experts, to include the desired functionalities for that tool and to identify the challenges in integrating and visualizing the data. The “Biodiversity” application allows disseminating a large number of databases in a single interface and its main feature is to optimize data discovery.

The application allows displaying simultaneously all biological data from different sources, performing global searches across all databases and downloading in an optimal way the desired information. Thus, this user-friendly interface allows maximizing the valuation of data.